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Chocobo Riders Page for plans and FFXIV stuff

Final Fantasy XIV

Chocobo Are Large Domestic Birds often used like horses. It is our mission over the next months to build full scale Chocobos and help others do the same. Plans will be placed here to help you get started. A few things:


If you dont plan well this will not get done.

Start Early ,This is a large project.


Things like transport and storage are Huge. At Holiday Matsuri I will have Vendor space and they can be left there while not in use. Big costumes require alot of space, Trust me ,there is a 16 foot Rathalos in my garage!

I would like to see all these at Holiday Matsuri but you can use our plans to build your own for your own home conventions if you are not local enough to Central Florida.

Be Safe

Dont put your self or others in danger if you dont know how to build safe stilt buy some instead.


We now have FFXIV Chocobo to work from. Ill be looking in to the bard gear very soon.

Tracking Code

Click for lifesize Models buildable with Pepakira for DIY use scale 770

Chocobo head and modelclick pic for Chocobo head model

DIY hammerclick pic for awesome hammer

diy bombch,ch,cha cherry bomb!

Monk weaponsclick for custom pugilists weapons

Monk weaponsclick for gold pugs weapon

Chocobo helmet model free downloadNew Helm shape and textures

primal headClick for Head ,lol

lion primal helmetclick for Primal lion

moogleClick for moogle

fat chocoboclick for fat bird helmet

cobraClick for Cobra

oldClick for OLD CHOCOBO HEAD Use top model for new better one

Click this text for quality ONLINE 3D Chocobo Viewer

Holiday Matsuri 2015 Group

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