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Join us at Anime Expo 2017 and there is a Chance we will get AFO 2017 as well!

We have confirmed presents at next Holiday Matsuri for Christmas 2017 and we will Once Again Run our DAG style LARP ring with prizes. Join us for all the madness!

if you want to volenteer to help please email me and we will see how you can help.

Ratholos project roar papercraft starstarstarstarstar


No one knows what 2017 prizes will be But some of the past prizes where:

2016 Giant 2 Foot Long Dragon Skull, And got Jinx'd.

2015 Darth Vaders Crispy Mask, In Darkside Training.

2015 SAO Prizes are Kirito's Dual Blades in the Search For Kirito.

2014 was a Barioth Switch axe that Transforms! Monster Hunter

2011 We gave away Soul Edge with light up eyes

There is also other prizes set up right for Toys for Tots charity and fun stuff to do and watch!

I want to thank Everyone that Came to Holiday Matsuri and made it a Huge Success


Project R.O.A.R Super Challange

What is Project R.O.A.R ?

Project roar is a Chance for you to own Ratholos small or large as you want

Its also a contest to see who can unfold and build a star 5 project and have their work

featured on this website for all to see! you get the Glory and your name (credit) in flashing lights!

Its also a chance for you go give back to the monster hunter papercrafting community

Because its a contest it has rules.

1.You must unfold and build the model for your submission to be complete.

2.Your submission has to be in Pepakura unlocked pdo format to count locked format stinks.

3.Your built model can have lowered polygon levels but must stand at least 30cm "1 ft" in height , larger models are very welcome and i would like to see this model at about 90cm-200cm.

4.This contest ends once I get the first complete project photos and unfolded pepakira file submitted asuming its of reasonable quality , submissions should be sent to

5.Once the contest ends you can still send in your submission and if your craft is good ill post it as well!

Winner will recieve Glory and Praise and a Spot on as well as have their model Featured

This model when complete should stand without a base this contest requires a registered version of pepakira so you can save the model

Links section

Got something you would like to see from Monster Hunter Tri? Want to Be linked to Techdollogic? Suggestion? Email email me

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Got a question about how to? please see FAQ!


More Links ,,want to be here? let us know

these guys have helped us out endlessly papaercraft paradise give em a visit!

I also host the files from hip la because they had so many problems but its great idea and the idea can be expanded for Monsters and Cosplay

hips la hips la it gives you super hips for swankyer costumes if you have none! also can give you ideas about monster fat suits too!

Dont use Personas for your Firefox browser yet? why not?

Want a new one to dress it up?

persona by me

I have Many Persona designs Including Many Monster Hunter and I add new ones all the time!