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Monster Hunter Tri Monster Papercrafts

Monster Huntering For Real! For your Living Room or Tavern!

To make anything you see here ,Simply Click

on the pictures for the PDO file which use Pepakura


Furniture Series

The Ultimate in Style

gobul lampNew!starstarstar

You will be biten with delight by this 12 inch tall lamp of gobul the siren sea lamp!

A great model to add a few Led lights too!

peco lampNew!starstarstarstar

After a long hunt nothing makes you feel better than a Peco lamp!

It's a medium model and should come to about 12 inches.

Agnaktor fountainstarstarstarstarstar

Take a Break Relax and enjoy your Agnaktor Lava Fountain.

It s a challanging model and should come to about 16 inches.

or how about

piggy ratholos

One of your Fellow hunters Niyu Izumi built the piggie and sent me the picture! Enjoy!

Ratholos Pig suitstarstarstar

Its not just cute, it a pig in a Rathalos suit!

Trophy Mount Series

Ratholos Head Mountstarstarstarstarstar

Ratholos Real Head Mount

Barioth Head Mountstarstarstar

Not many Creatures kick Butt like Barioth .This 16 inch tall mount will impress your freinds!

Barioth Real Head Mount

This was sent in by QuartzHammercheck him out here on dA!

Thanks alot for sharing!

Barroth Head Mountstarstarstarstar

This 16 inch tall mount will let people know for sure you have slain this beast! this is one for the record books! a 4 star build will impress that you are not a amature papercrafter either

Dont like these request something else email me below and let me know what you would like to see next dont be shy.

Mail me ? I love to hear from you! Email email me

Project R.O.A.R Super Challange

What is Project R.O.A.R ?

Project roar is a Chance for you to own Ratholos small or large as you want

Its also a contest to see who can unfold and build a star 5 project and have their work

featured on this website for all to see! you get the Glory and your name (credit) in flashing lights!

Its also a chance for you go give back to the monster hunter papercrafting community

Because its a contest it has rules.

1.You must unfold and build the model for your submission to be complete.

2.Your submission has to be in Pepakura unlocked pdo format to count locked format stinks.

3.Your built model can have lowered polygon levels but must stand at least 30cm "1 ft" in height , larger models are very welcome and i would like to see this model at about 90cm-200cm.

4.This contest ends once I get the first complete project photos and unfolded pepakira file submitted asuming its of reasonable quality , submissions should be sent to

5.Once the contest ends you can still send in your submission and if your craft is good ill post it as well!

Winner will recieve Glory and Praise and a Spot on as well as have their model Featured

This model when complete should stand without a base this contest requires a registered version of pepakira so you can save the model

Ratholos project roar papercraft starstarstarstarstar


pepakura download

its free to use ,purchased version allows you to change and save your own files

They are then printed onto card stock paper ,cut out and reassembled into lifesize props from the game Monster Hunter Tri!

No tricks , nothing to buy , no ads , no Giving up your first born , we dont even want your blood , but the monsters might!

Things you need Cardstock Paper, Hot Glue Gun, Printer with some ink or print without textures for cheaper printing, and patients and time.

PaperCrafting like this is not to difficult and most anyone that can wield scissors and glue gun can do it!

You can Google how to Pepakura there is alot of help out there for this especially the 501st forums even if you aint interested in what they are building.

dont have a .rar or .zip extractor? how about a free one? 7zip

live velocipreyhammerlive velociprey

Got a question about how to? please see FAQ!


Monster Hunters Official site is Capcom but I am not affiliated with them I just really like there Games and want to see people cosplay from it! Thanks!