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All your Base are belong to us!

To make anything you see here ,Simply Click

on the pictures for the PDO file which use Pepakura

Tera Rising Online Kaprima head mask

star star star star star

Tera Rising Online Kaprima head mask

star star star star star

Tera Rising Online Kaprima Weapon the Fallen Angel

New! star star star star star

Korra the legend Amon mask

star starAmons Mask for Cosplay or display

Noatoks aka Amons Mask Modeled by dA's UmbrellaSpecter

mass effect collector pulse rifle

star star starEasy large build Great for cosplay!

Mass Effect Collector Pulse Rifle

wraith cosplay gun

star star star

lollipop chainsaw cosplay weapon

star star star starJuliet Hunts Zombies!

Lollipop Chainsaw ,,well Juliets Chainsaw for Cosplay

Wino Toshiden Helmet headram

star starKool Mask!

Wino Mask ,Battle Arena Toshiden

mass effect m76 cosplay weapon

star star Nice M-76

Mass Effect M-76 for Cosplay

It builts into many smaller parts

Which assembles very nicely

Xenosaga Zohar prop

star starIts a Dangerous Zohar!

Nice display for your xenosaga models

Builds to about 12 inches tall!

Charaters not included

Ive added a star system to the models to indicate difficulty of build

As a disclaimer I have not built all of these Models so the stars are based on best judgement

star is Easy

starstar Little harder

starstarstar Difficult but little or no modding

starstarstarstar Much Skill and some modding required

starstarstarstarstar is near pro level and requires alot of modding

built equals i have built this , it works

pepakura download

its free to use ,purchased version allows you to change and save your own files

They are then printed onto card stock paper ,cut out and reassembled into lifesize props from the game Monster Hunter Tri!

No tricks , nothing to buy , no ads , no Giving up your first born , we dont even want your blood , but the monsters might!

Things you need Cardstock Paper, Hot Glue Gun, Printer with some ink or print without textures for cheaper printing, and patients and time.

PaperCrafting like this is not to difficult and most anyone that can wield scissors and glue gun can do it!

You can Google how to Pepakura there is alot of help out there for this especially the 501st forums even if you aint interested in what they are building.

dont have a .rar or .zip extractor? how about a free one? 7zip

live velocipreyhammerlive velociprey

Got a question about how to? please see FAQ!


Lollipop Chainsaw is copyrighted by grasshopper manufacture, WB and Suda51 .,Toshinden copyright of Tamsoft Takara SCEA, Xenosaga is copyright of Namco,Mass Effect 1 2 3 copyright of Bioware and monster hunter is copyright of capcom, Files are to be for personal costuming and personal display use only and can not be redistubuted or sold or displayed for any other reason without expressed permission by the respected companies and copyright holders.